Alpha Medical Hernia Trusses & Supports

Manufacturer of hernia aids, abdominal binders & umbilical hernia binders


About Alpha Medical L.L.C.

In 1988 Alpha Medical LLC began producing a basic line of elastic knee braces. By using unique, high tech knitting equipment we were able to build a reputation for being a US manufacturer of highest quality elastic braces and supports that offer a superior product at a much more reasonable price than the chain drug stores braces. By selling to doctors and medical equipment distributors we methodically expanded our product line to broad assortment of products used and recommended by health care professionals nationwide. 

Beginning in 2000 we released our retail braces and support to independent pharmacies, and durable medical equipment dealers and had resounding success. 

In 2005 we began promoting our products direct to consumers through the Internet. By by offering our products over the Internet we've not only been able to deliver a very high quality product at a reasonable price we are also able to gather valuable feedback from our customers. While the majority of our sales continue to be to doctors and healthcare professionals will be able to offer our web customers hernia aids, abdominal hernia binders, umbilical hernia binder, inguinal hernia aids, and parastomal binders which are constantly vetted and reviewed by healthcare professionals. We are proud to remain a US manufacturer of superior quality products made by Americans.

AlphaHernia is owned and operated by Alpha Medical L.L.C.  Visit our website at 

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